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Ravenswood Reads is…

  • A service-learning program that emphasizes the importance of adequately preparing and supporting volunteers on an ongoing basis
  • Directed by School of Education Faculty member, Professor Connie Juel; course co-taught by Professor Paula England (Sociology)
  • A unique partnership among the Haas Center for Public Service, Stanford University School of Education (SUSE), and the Ravenswood City School District (RCSD)

Ravenswood Reads, a literacy program directed by Professor Connie Juel ( School of Education), supports struggling readers in K to 2nd grades. Ravenswood Reads tutors work one-on-one with children to help improve their decoding and comprehension skills.

“Very young children love working with adults. The earliest intervention is the best, and the best intervention beyond the classroom is one-on-one tutoring,” says Professor Juel. She is the author of Guidelines for Volunteer Tutors of Emergent and Early Readers and Teaching Reading in the 21st Century.